Surviving the winter

Icelandic horses during the past centuries lived under very hard conditions during the long winter. They had often to survive on their own – which was not always successful. So only the fittest horses survived. Even nowadays when they are usually fed by hay they know how to get along from september to may, the time of the big snow storms.

The author lives with her dog, horses and sheep in the mountains of Northern Iceland and has for many years watched the behaviour of horses under difficult conditions. Read this book and you will adore the cleverness of these stoic animals even more. The Icelandic Nation would never have survived at the Arctic borders of the European continent without them.

The book is both in English and German. Trailer: click here. Cover and content as PDF: click here.

ISBN 978-3-9817239-6-0
10,90 Euros/1.900 ISK plus shipping. 60 pages, 21 x 15 cm.

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